5 Top Cryptocurrencies With Most Daily Active Addresses

Cryptocurrencies have evolved beyond just digital assets; they represent vibrant ecosystems with active user bases. One metric reflecting this engagement is the number of active addresses interacting with a blockchain. Here’s a rundown of the top five cryptocurrencies boasting the most active addresses, offering insights into their functionality and user activity, according to TradingView.


Ranked 13th in the cryptocurrency market, TRON has 2.253 million active daily addresses, showing significant user interaction within its platform. Even though TRON’s token price is relatively low priced at $0.1171 USD, it has a substantial market capitalization of $10.224 billion USD.

Over the last day, TRX has experienced a small rise of 0.69%, with a total of 87.313 billion tokens in circulation. TRON is used for executing smart contracts, processing payments, and hosting security tokens compliant with the SEC. Its diverse functionality makes it a flexible blockchain platform suitable for various purposes.

2. Litecoin (LTC)

Ranked 19th, Litecoin has approximately 794.205 thousand active addresses daily, indicating steady user engagement. With a market cap of $5.877 billion USD, LTC is valued at $78.75 USD, demonstrating its significance in the cryptocurrency market.

Even with a small 0.87% drop in the last day, Litecoin continues to be a favorite among both investors and users. With 74.629 million in circulation, Litecoin remains a dependable cryptocurrency and a primary solution for different blockchain uses.

3. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin, the leading digital currency, has around 685.238 thousand active daily addresses, indicating a large number of users and network transactions. Even with its high price of $67,021.43, BTC still holds a market cap of $1.321 trillion, among cryptocurrencies

However, the coin declined by 3.41% in its value over the past day. With 19.711 million BTC in circulation, Bitcoin maintains its position as the largest cryptocurrency, a digital gold, and with a reliable store of value.

Crypto With Most Daily Active AddressesCrypto With Most Daily Active Addresses
Cryptos With Most Daily Active Addresses (Source: TradingView)

4. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum, ranked 2nd, has over 506.487 thousand daily active addresses, pointing to substantial usage in its ecosystem. Even with a high cost of $3,512.42, ETH’s market cap remains at $421.993 billion, showcasing its significance in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, Ethereum experienced a drop of 4.32% within a 24-hour period, potentially impacted by market patterns. Ethereum remains at the forefront of smart contract platforms, driving decentralized applications and DeFi protocols with a circulating supply of 120.143 million.

5. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar, the 36th largest cryptocurrency, has approximately 205,309 thousand daily active addresses, indicating its expanding number of users. With a price of $0.0979 USD, XLM has a market cap of $2.846 billion, establishing itself as a significant participant in the cryptocurrency market.

Experiencing a slight 2.22% decline in value over the past day, the token records a circulating supply of 29.074 billion. Stellar enables international transactions and provides smart contract functionalities, establishing itself as a significant participant in the cryptocurrency market


Daily active addresses are an important measure for assessing how popular a cryptocurrency is and how much its network is being utilized. Although price and market capitalization are important, the amount of active addresses indicates actual user participation and usability. These five leading cryptocurrencies show strong support from users and are promoting innovation and adoption within the cryptocurrency industry. Whether you are investing or just interested, monitoring active addresses can give useful information about the cryptocurrency project’s health and growth prospects.

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